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Picture of AE 3000-H 802.11g Hotspot Access Gateway

Multi-Function, All-in-One Wireless Hotspots Access Gateway for Wireless Public Hotspot Applications

Wireless Access Point
The high performace and stable AirEpoch AE3000-H provides easy wireless access for mobile users in public areas. The AE3000-H is fully compliant with any Wi-Fi certified wireless LAN client and provides anywhere, anytime wireless connectivity for mobile users who want to share files, send emails or access the Internet.

Wireless Gateway
The AE3000-H can also function as the xDSL/Cable modem gateway. The AE3000-H offers up to 4 LANs ports or up to 2 WAN ports. Multiple WAN ports can provide up to 2 xDSL/Cable modem connections or be used for outbound loadbalancing and band-width aggregation. The multiple WAN connections can be configgured to provide a redundant link to provide a failsafe and always on-line connection. More over, it also WDS (Wireless Distribution System) bridges function to join different LAN segments that may be far away separated to a complete wireless network. Up to 6 WDS bridge links to work as AP function simultaneously. It allows wireless LAN segments to be flexibly connected that might not be achieve by traditional wired network.

Ensure Great Security
The AE3000-H can authenticate and authorize wireless users in organizations, enterprises, or public areas by the IEEE 802.1x standard. It communicates with a back-end RADIUS (Remote Authentication User Dial-In Service) server to see if a wireless user is allowed to access the wireless network. Windows XP has built-in support for IEEE802.1x. WEP and WPA are also supported for better wireless security.

One-Box Solution for Wireless Hotspot
The AE3000-H Hotspot Gateway enables a easy installation and management secure hotspot solution for small business in one box. The multi-functional features of the AE3000-H support applications that are well suited for hotspot environments such as coffee shop, hotel lobbies, or small to midsize exhibition area.

Suitable for Public
AE3000-H Hotspot Gateway series enables Telecom operators, wireless ISPs, enterprise, govements institute, or small business to deploy WLANs with secured user authentication, authorization, and accounting setting are supported via 802.1x / RADIUS or by a build-in local database that can host up to 2000 entries.

AE3000-H also can be setup to display specific web banner or web page for commercial and advertisement purpose during user login period.

The AE3000-H Hotspot Gateway also supports the billing print out function. Venues can print a receipt for customer who wish to have the internet access. The Mini-POS Ticket Printer (AE800-POS) can print out information on the receipt such as logon user name, pass-word, SSID, security method, and encryption key. Simply type in the amount of access time from the auxiliary keypad to issue a ticket for accessing internet.

Key Features
  • Wireless
    • IEEE802.11g compliant
    • WDS - static bridging
    • AP client - dynamic bridging
      • AP browsing with signal strength
      • Preferred ESSID/BSSID selection
    • Accociated wireless clients status
    • Wireless client isolation
    • Association control
  • Security
    • 64/128-bits WEP
    • WPA - TKIP/IEEE 802.1x
    • MAC-address-based access control
    • VPN pass through
    • Wireless-to-Ethernet-LAN traf
  • Auto Recovery
    • Link integrity detection
    • Periodical restart every day
    • Hardware watchdog timer
  • Networking
    • Multiple DSL/Cable connections support
      • Two-WAN load balancing
      • Two-Link redundancy/back-up
    • Bandwidth management (By IP/MAC)
    • DHCP client & server
    • Packet filtering
    • Stateful Packet Inspection (SP)
  • Management
    • SNMP v1 & v2
    • SNMP traps: Standard and private traps
    • MIB II, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.1d, IEEE 802.1x, and private enterprise MIB System log
    • Authenticated users status table
    • Firmware upgrade via HTTP and TFTP
    • Configuration backup & restore
    • LAN device management
    • By NAT port mapping
    • By PPTP and virtual second LAN
  • AAA
    • Web-redirection based authentication
    • SSL username/password protection
    • Compliant with most RADIUS standards (Microsoft IAS, Cisco ACS, Funk Odyssey Funk Steel Belted, Linux FreeRADIUS, IT Cousult 2000 WinRADIUS, Alepo RADIUS
    • Airpath approved, Pronto Silver Level certified, and iPass GIS client support
    • Internal/External Web authentication pages support
    • Advertisement links
    • Unrestricted client access
    • Walled garden
  • Transparent Access
    • Zero client reconfiguration (Any IP)
    • DNS/SMTP proxy
    • H.323 pass-through


IEEE802.3u 10/100 Base TX Ethernet (R-45) x 5


One 2.4GHz rubber R-SMA detachable antenna


One RS-232 port

Frequency 2.4-2.4835 GHz, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
Data Rate

CKK@11/5.5Mbps,DQPSK@2Mbps and DBSK@1Mbps


USA: 1-11 (FCC)
Canada: 1-11 (IC)
Europe: 1-13 (ETSI)
France: 10-13
Japan: 1-14

Transmit Power

6/9Mbps17dBm, 12/18Mbps15dBm, 24Mbps14dBm,
36Mbps14dBm, 48Mbps 12dBm, 54Mbps12dBm

Receiver Sensitivity

8% FER@1Mbps-91dBm, 8% FER@2Mbps-88dBm
8% FER@5.5Mbps-85dBm, 8% FER@11Mbps-83dBm
10% PER@6Mbps-88dBm, 10% PER@9Mbps-87dBm
10% PER@12Mbps-84dBm, 10% PER@18Mbps-82dBm
10% PER@24Mbps-79dBm, 10% PER@36Mbps-75dBm
10% PER@48Mbps-69dBm, 10% PER@54Mbps-68dBm
Physical & LED


220mm (L) x 142mm (W) x 40mm (H)


Power, LAN Link/ACT, 2 * RF Link/ACT, System alive





5%-95% (non-condensing)



5%-95% (non-condensing)

Power Supply

Operating Voltage

DC + 12V

Power over Ethernet

IEEE 802.3af compliant and PowerDsine certified (optional)

Ordering Information
AE3000-H9S36X IEEE 802.11g 2 WLAN Hotspot Gateway
AE3000-H9S36XE IEEE 802.11g 2 WLAN Hotspot Gateway/POE
AE810-POS Hotspot mini-POS Ticket Pinter